Success Stories

With our focus on hospitality and gastronomy, we have invested heavily in order to serve the best brands in the market

  • The fusion of gastronomy and culture

    The Company of Gastronomy and Culture (CGC) with more than 250 employees and run by Marcos Livi focus intensly on the synergy of gastronomy and culture. Risposta is implemented in the following franchises: Bar Botica, Veríssimo Bar, Quintana, Officina, Napoli Centrale and C6 Burger.

  • Total focus on the customer

    MasterChef Henrique Fogaça is also the owner of Sal Gastronomia and Cão Veio. Risposta helps the various units to maintain a high standard of service and products satisfying thousands of customers in the various major cities in Brazil.

  • Fun gastronomic experiences

    The owner of the establishments: Pirajá, Bráz and Lanchonete da Cidade ,CIATC implemented RISPOSTA in all its units, managing more than 1000 employees and serving average about 300,000 clients per month

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