Turn Customers Into Brand Advocates

Understand what is missing so that your clients can recommend your business to their families and friends

Customer surveys before Risposta

For many years, the principal channels for customer surveys were paper forms or complaint books. Customers have not been fully engaged through these channels and feedback information compilations were hard to deal with.

These traditional manual tools are being replaced by online reviews on the social media websites. They are almost always superficial and not fully comprehensive damaging the bar’s and restaurant’s reputations

Risposta APP

We provide your customers with a digital survey which is presented together with the bill. On average it takes one minute to be completed.

Drawn up by experts, our APP contains more than 200 combinations of questions and answers which will enable us to take an “x-ray” of your business performance.

An online consulting experience that only Risposta can provide

We go far beyond questions and answers. By using our extensive knowledge of the field, you will find everything you need to integrate your customer’s opinions in the management of your business.

  • Risposta is one of the biggest hospitality databases in the market
  • Integration with other Customer Relationship Management systems
  • Online and face-to-face training
  • By using Risposta the negative reviews on the social are likely to be reduced significantly
  • Assessment of strengths and weaknesses validated by your managers
  • Risposta is able to organize your email database by classifying your customers in terms of their levels of satisfaction
  • Multi language support
  • Access to special food service and hospitality special reports

Conheça o Risposta e junte-se às melhores marcas do mercado.

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