Customer Survey as the key indicator to assist yourdecision-making processes

Risposta’s app and platform combines big data and artificial intelligence which revolutionizes the quest for your customer’s satisfaction

Risposta gives you the tools so that you can better manage your business by focusing principally on your client’s opinions and desires

We have one of the biggest databases in the hospitality sector

How does it work ?

Understand everything your customers think

By using our tablets with the RispostaAPP when the bill is presented, the opportunity is there to ask your customers a few questions about their experience – this lasts less than a minute

Your clients’ answers are analyzed by our algorithms which generate analyses so that you can take measures to improve your business and operations

Train your team with consulting that fits in the pocket of any restaurant

The analyses generated by Risposta will supply a daily flow of information about your establishment’s performance, thus allowing managers to become truly business managers, given that they will be able to better identify everyday opportunities. In this way, owners and general managers can then focus on other essential aspects of the business

Success Stories

The fusion of gastronomy and culture

The Company of Gastronomy and Culture (CGC) with more than 250 employees and run by Marcos Livi focus intensly on the synergy of gastronomy and culture. Risposta is implemented in the following franch...

Total focus on the customer

MasterChef Henrique Fogaça is also the owner of Sal Gastronomia and Cão Veio. Risposta helps the various units to maintain a high standard of service and products satisfying thousands of customers i...

Fun gastronomic experiences

The owner of the establishments: Pirajá, Bráz and Lanchonete da Cidade ,CIATC implemented RISPOSTA in all its units, managing more than 1000 employees and serving average about 300,000 clients per m...

A digital revolution in your business


Understand your clients

Understand your clients and grow your business


Compare with competitors

Compare your performance anonymously with the best in your sector


Empower digital marketing activities

Be innovative by capturing a large quantity of emails, phone numbers and by being able to manage your digital marketing in a customer segmented way


Enhance customer loyalty

Be better able to answer complaints more effectively and thus enhance your customer loyalty


Integrated service

Be better able to carry out email marketing in an easy and integrated way


Improved customer feedback

Improve your social network reviews and avoid negative feedback

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